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Welcome to the Healthy Kansas Schools Website!

The goal of Healthy Kansas Schools is to promote school health policies, procedures, and programs that improve health behaviors. Healthy Kansas Schools (HKS) operates from the premise that healthy children are more capable of learning and, thus, better students. The logical extension is that better students help create healthy communities. Healthy Kansas Schools emphasizes the connection between recommended health practices, academic achievement, and lifelong healthy behaviors. Healthy Kansas Schools is multi-faceted; providing technical assistance, health policy and standards guidance, training opportunities, direction on funding opportunities, and on-going communication. Healthy Kansas Schools utilizes a broad network of partners and resources to help create healthier schools and, in turn, healthier communities.

HKS Objectives:

  1. Facilitate a school culture that values and emphasizes physical activity.
  2. Facilitate a school culture that enhances healthy dietary choices.
  3. Facilitate a school culture that continues to promote tobacco-free lifestyles.
  4. Facilitate the removal of barriers that impede progress toward developing healthy students.
  5. Facilitate partnerships between school personnel, families, and communities to emphasize health within and outside the school setting.

K-FIT Login: Click this link to access the Fitnessgram Web Application Login

Let's Move Active Kansas Schools Training Opportunity!

Summer 2016 Physical Activity Leader (PAL) Trainings

We will be offering two Let's Move Active Kansas Schools PAL trainings this summer:

• July 26 in Topeka at Washburn University
• July 28 in Wichita at the Farha Center of the South Wichita YMCA

If you are interested, please complete the registration form and return it to Rhonda Holt as identified at the bottom of the form.

2016 LMAKS PAL Training Registration Form

Click here for more information on the trainings.

K-FIT Report: Year 2

During the 2012-2013 school year, 300+ schools across Kansas submitted FITNESSGRAM data on approximately 56,000 students. The findings of the study highlight aggregate, de-identified data from more than 38,000 students in grades 4-9. Key findings from the study include:

  • On average, students who are physically fit score above standard on Kansas state assessments in reading, math, and science.
  • Students who met all five fitness standards were absent from school significantly less than students who met two or fewer fitness standards.

To access the full report, click on the following: K-FIT Report - Year 2

YRBS Booklet!

The YRBS booklet highlighting results and implications stemming from the 2013 Kansas Youth Risk Behavior Survey, "Taking a Look: Take 4" was developed to give insight into health behaviors of Kansas high school students, address emerging trends, and help put these trends into perspective. Please contact us if you have questions or wish to receive a hard copy of the booklet.

"Taking A Look: Take 4" - 2013 Kansas High School YRBS booklet

Primary HKS projects:

  • Kansas Fitness Information Tracking project (K-FIT) is an initiative funded by the Kansas Health Foundation to provide fitness assessment tools and trainings to 900 schools across the state. Physical Educators are able to use this high-quality assessment tool to improve their physical education programs and provide valuable feedback on fitness levels to students, parents, and school administrators. In addition, fitness data gathered from participating teachers is shared with KSDE to assist with understanding the critical relationship between fitness levels and academic indicators. The report from the 2nd year of K-FIT data can be found in a link above. For more information on K-FIT navigate to the K-FIT page on this website.

  • Let's Move! Active Kansas Schools (LMAKS) is a project funded by the Kansas Health Founcation (KHF) to provide training for physical educators to become Physical Activity Leaders (PALs) at their schools. To date, we have trained approximately 290 physical educators who are actively working to create more active school enviornments. Additionally, through the use of a team of trainers, LMAKS offers in-service trainings to school-wide staff and regional team training workshops targeted at building administrators and classroom teachers. KSDE, KHF, and KAHPERD received a Presidential Citations from SHAPE America in Spring 2015 at their national convention in Seattle, Washington for the collaboration on this initiative. LMAKS emphasizes strengthening physical education programs, increasing physical activity during the school day (incorporating brain breaks and making recess more active), encouraging before and after-school physical activity, involving families and communities, and encouraging staff involvement. An over-arching goal is for every school to provide a comprehensive school physical activity program with quality physical education as the foundation so that youth will develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be physically active for a lifetime. For more information on LMAKS navigate to the LMAKS page on this website. 

  • Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) is a bi-annual survey of health behaviors of Kansas high school students. Six categories of health behaviors are assessed, consisting of: Dietary Behaviors, Physical Activity Behaviors, Tobacco Use, Alcohol or Other Drug Use, Sexual Behaviors that Contribute to STDs and Unintended Pregnancy, and Unintentional Injuries and Violence. 2013 YRBS data has been collected and reports will be developed once analyses have been completed. Previous-years' survey results can be found on the Survey Data page on this website.

  • School Health Profiles (SHP) is a bi-annual assessment of health education policies and practices of middle and high schools in Kansas. Building principals and lead health educators are surveyed to determine the current status of health education in Kansas schools. HKS is currently preparing reports on the results from the 2014 SHP survey. Previous-years' survey results can be found on the Survey Data page on this website.

  • Local School Wellness Policies guidance and monitoring are assisted by Healthy Kansas Schools. The link below will provide an overview of the changes seen in reported school wellness policies practices for Kansas between 2006 and 2010. HKS will be assisting with technical assistance and future trainings on upcoming changes to school wellness policies guidelines as outlined by the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.


Wellness Policies - Progress from 2006 to 2010

Warning:  Opens in new windowWellness Policies 2006 - 2010


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Mark Thompson, Project Director at 785-296-1473 or email him at

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