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Kansas Fitness Information Tracking (K-FIT)

K-FIT Report: Year 2

During the 2012-2013 school year, 300+ schools across Kansas submitted FITNESSGRAM data on approximately 56,000 students. The findings of the study highlight aggregate, de-identified data from more than 38,000 students in grades 4-9. Key findings from the study include:

  • On average, students who are physically fit score above standard on Kansas state assessments in reading, math, and science.
  • Students who met all five fitness standards were absent from school significantly less than students who met two or fewer fitness standards.
To access the full report, click on the following: K-FIT Report - Year 2

Kansas Fitness Information Tracking (K-FIT) is a Healthy Kansas Schools project funded by the Kansas Health Foundation that will provide Fitnessgram® to 900 schools statewide. Participating schools incorporate uniform fitness testing into their physical education curriculum and submit data on students to the Kansas State Department of Education.

The goal of K-FIT is to enhance the understanding of the relationships between various fitness measures (i.e. aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, flexibility) and individual academic indicators. The K-FIT project seeks to further validate the importance of physical education and physical activity to the academic mission of schools.

If your school or district is not currently participating in K-FIT but is interested, send Mark Thompson an email at

Resources for participating K-FIT Schools:

Click this link for Fitnessgram Web Application Login

Registration Step-by-Step Guidance - guidance for PE teachers who have been trained in K-FIT to register with KSDE for access to Fitnessgram®

Forming Classes and Creating Test Events in Fitnessgram® PowerPoint - guidance for K-FIT participants on how to form classes, create test events, enter data, and generate reports in Fitnessgram®

STCO Guidance - guidance for K-FIT participants and KIDS Coordinators on submitting student roster records to KSDE

Exemption Codes - guidance on exemption codes to use when entering student fitness data

What is K-FIT?

  • This initiative, funded by the Kansas Health Foundation, provides training for physical educators on the use of Fitnessgram® for 900 schools across Kansas at no cost to the participants.
  • K-FIT is an opportunity for physical educators to help Kansas students set and work toward personal fitness goals through the use of Fitnessgram®.
  • Participating schools are asked to share fitness assessments on students with KSDE. Participating schools may use Fitnessgram® on all students regardless of grade level.
  • Fitness components assessed through K-FIT include aerobic capacity, upper body strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

What incentives are offered for schools to participate in K-FIT?

  • Participating physical education teachers receive training on fitness testing and instruction on Fitnessgram® at no cost to them or their school.
  • Participating schools receive a Fitnessgram® test kit and site license for the school that continues indefinitely.
  • Participating schools receive a one-time stipend of $200 (per participating building) the first year they submit data to KSDE, to be used to enhance their physical education program.
  • Healthy Kansas Schools provides ongoing technical assistance on all aspects of the K-FIT project.

Why is a project like K-FIT needed?

  • Physical Educators are often faced with limited resources with which to offer high quality physical education. Tools such as Fitnessgram® enhance these courses.
  • Kansas lacked a standardized surveillance system for the collection of fitness data. K-FIT involved the creation of such a system that allows school and health professionals insight into the fitness levels of students across the state.
  • Schools provide an ideal opportunity to educate about and demonstrate healthy behaviors that students can incoporate for life-long wellness practices.

Three Key Messages:

  • K-FIT focuses on best-practices for fitness testing and physical education instruction.
  • K-FIT represents an on-going commitment of the Kansas State Department of Education, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and the Kansas Health Foundation to the health of all Kansas students.
  • Kansas is on the leading edge of addressing health needs of Kansas students.

K-FIT project personnel:

Mark Thompson, KSDE, Project Director, Healthy Kansas Schools

Kelly Wayner, KSDE, Public Health Educator, Healthy Kansas Schools

For more information on or to express interest in participating in K-FIT, contact Mark Thompson at or 785-296-1473 or Kelly Wayner at or 785-296-5033.


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